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Our RUGGED and FANLESS products are maintenance free:
you can rely on them as they're made to be installed and forgotten about


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Benefits of FANLESS products

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No fans obviously means no noise, but it's not the only benefit!

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No fans allow an important decrease in power consumption, and increased lifespan of the product, making our products more sustainable! 

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A fanless computer eliminates the risk to draw in dust and dirt from the environment, the cause of potential failures and costly downtime.
This also makes them particularly suitable for use in the medical sector, where hygiene requirements are particularly high. 

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The Absence of moving parts enable our products to resist shocks and vibrations, for increased reliability

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Benefits of RUGGED products

resist icon

Our products can be placed in situations where normal PCs may fail:
whether under water or exposure to shocks, they are built to withstand harsh and constrained conditions. 

IP rating icon

High Ingress Protection (IP) rating, indication the protection level of products against both solid and liquids in electrical enclosures

temperature icon

Our in-house designed and milled aluminium chassis are optimized for efficient passive cooling and durability. Their conception proved their reliability in extended operating temperatures

recycle icon

The aluminium used for the chassis production is repurposed and recycled, and the chassis production waste is recycled too!

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