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 Digital Signage IT 

Over the past several years we have seen great success by our solutions when taking the role of digital signage player, this is due to their:

Small size - Enabling them to be hidden away, in some cases just 26mm tall

Maintenance-free design - Ensuring site visits are kept to a minimum

Remote Hardware Management - Some options include vPro and other Intelligent Platform Management Interfaces

LOW Total Cost Of Ownership - Their fanless design means lower power consumption, whilst being maintenance-free results in reduced estate management costs, and their reliability means they will last longer (we have strong use cases of our solutions still providing over 99% estate uptime after 8 years




Abilities of Tranquil IT


Intel or AMD options

memory icon

Max Storage:32Gb

Ports icon

Multiple options  HDMI,

Display port and VGA

monitor icon

Multi Monitor Support

remote management icon

Remote Management

Why Tranquil IT Digital Signage Solutions?

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  • Industry Focused 

  • Wide Range of products

  • Compact

  • IP rated

  • Fanless

  • Low Maintenance

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  • OEM

  • Minimum order quantity

  • Made in Britian

remote management icon
  • vPro Technology

  • Reduced Downtime

  • Lower operation cost

  • Time efficient

  • Real time monitoring

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