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What is a microcluster?

The Microcluster was created as a portable device which would mimic a data center. Powered by Intel®, it consumes low power, delivers high performance, and can be configured in many ways to offer a range of solutions.

Everywhere there is no IT infrastructure

The Microcluster has a multi-node structure and is conceived to offer high flexibility for various applications thanks to its integrated switch and power supplies. The multiple node options increase performance, storage or PCIe capability according to the chosen motherboard. Processor options include Intel® Core™ up to i7 and Intel® Xeon®.


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Thanks to its various configurations, the Microcluster can answer specific needs; it can be used as an external cloud solution, for AI applications, to create a standalone secure network environment or to create a common, scalable workspace.


It can also be used as an on-premises cloud, secured and with only internal accessibility given to its internal network. Data gathering and processing for many situations is therefore possible, be it in emergency situations, or those where accessing local networks is not an option. This makes the Microcluster a great demo tool.

The simplicity in the structure and deployment makes it a processing tool as well as an interface to develop and present new technologies.

The versatile design of the Microclusters can be shaped in the way you need.


Name your purpose and we make it possible.




The versatile multi-tasker

  • A CPU intensive Microcluster

  • Performs a multitude of entry level tasks

  • Intel    vPro technology

  • Remote access

  • Reliable and adaptable cluster solution

  • 44 cores


V6XD-7 / V6XD-7+

Portable computing solution

  • A powerful server grade solution

  • Performs in-depth tasks

  • High connectivity and incredible performance

  • IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface)

  • Intensive remote access and management

  • 10Gbe option

  • 64 cores

V6XD-7 / V6XD-7+

V6XD-7G / V6XD-7G+

Portable graphic solution

  • A powerful server grade solution

  • Performs challenging tasks

  • Individual graphics card configuration

  • Increased applications

  • Perfect portable graphic solution

  • 10Gbe option

  • 64 cores

V6XD-7G / V6XD

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