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Rugged Computer

Fanless NUC - AMD Ryzen - IP51

Key Features

Processor: R1606G

Operating Range: 0C to 40C

3 Video outputs

Dual 1GbE LAN

Multi-screen support, Dynamic content management and reduced operational cost

Maintenance free 24/7 operation

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Dimensions (HxWxD)



Order Code

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3 Years


3-4 weeks

IP Rating details

This product has been given an IP rating of 51, this means it will not be affected by dust and has limited protection against vertically falling drops of water or condensation, this make it ideal for "dirty" and hard to control environments


Given its IP51 rating maintenance requirements are practically zero, no dust will actively be drawn to the system, and any settling dust will not easily be able to penetrate the enclosure


The Fanless NUC system, with its small footprint and AMD R1606 offers a powerful and efficient performance in a compact design. With three video outputs, it can drive multiple displays simultaneously, allowing for versatile and engaging digital signage setups, enabling you to showcase your content across different screens or create engaging video walls. This versatility can greatly enhance the impact of your digital signage installations. The passive cooling mechanism employed by this system eliminates the need for active fans, resulting in a quieter operation and reducing the risk of mechanical failures. This passive cooling design also contributes to the system's long life, as it reduces the accumulation of dust and other particles that can impact the internal components. Consequently, the system requires minimal maintenance, leading to lower downtime and cost savings in large-scale project installations.

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