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Rugged Computer

Fanless Mini - Intel 10th Gen Mobile - IP66

Key Features

Processor: i3 up to i7

Operating Range: -20C to 50C

IP66 Weather Proof

Dual 1Gbe LAN

Dynamic content, Audience Analytics, Data Integration and Real-time Updates

Maintenance free 24/7 operation

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Order Code

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3 Years


3-4 weeks

IP Rating details

This product has been given an IP rating of 66, this means dust cannot penetrate it, also, it is protected against high pressure jets of water.
This makes it suitable for an outdoor use and ideal for the most extreme environments


Given its IP66 rating maintenance requirements are practically zero, no dust will actively be drawn to the system, and any settling dust will not be able to penetrate the enclosure


The Fanless Mini Rugged IP66 is a robust and versatile device designed for outdoor environments. With its strong design, powerful processing capabilities, powered by up to an i7 processor, it can handle demanding tasks even in challenging conditions. The device's strong design and IP66 rating make it resistant to dust and water ingress, ensuring reliable performance in harsh operating circumstances. Being able to withstand wide temperature ranges it is an important feature for outdoor and industrial use without compromising its functionality. This adaptability makes it suitable for various industries and outdoor activities where durability and performance are essential. Whether it's used in an outdoor digital signage setting or for outdoor adventures, the Fanless Mini Rugged IP66 combining with its robust features and a reliable edge player for various demanding environments.

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