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Rugged Computer

Slim Fanless NUC - Intel 7th Gen Mobile - IP51

Key Features

Processor: i3 - i5

Operating Range: -10C to 40C

Dual Display

1Gbe LAN

Real-time information, Audience Analytics

Maintenance free 24/7 operation

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Dimensions (HxWxD)



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3 Years


2-3 weeks

IP Rating details

This product has been given an IP rating of 51, this means it will not be affected by dust and has limited protection against vertically falling drops of water or condensation, this make it ideal for "dirty" and hard to control environments


Given its IP51 rating maintenance requirements are practically zero, no dust will actively be drawn to the system, and any settling dust will not easily be able to penetrate the enclosure


The Slim Fanless NUC main focus of this was to address the constraint of limited space specifically designed to fit in tight spaces, particularly behind a screen for digital signage applications. The notable feature of the Slim Faness NUC is their heat pipe cooling solution. Heat pipes are heat transfer devices that effectively dissipate heat from the internal components of the computer. By utilizing a heat pipe cooling system, these computers are able to achieve optimal passive cooling without compromising performance, despite their small footprint. Fanless NUC can operate reliably in tight spaces while delivering the necessary performance for running digital signage content. By implementing a heat pipe cooling solution, the fanless NUC achieves optimal passive cooling. This means that it can effectively dissipate heat without the need for additional active cooling mechanisms like fans.

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