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Kiosk in healthcare aim to enhance patient convenience, reduce administrative burdens, improve access to information, and streamline various processes in the healthcare environment.

Key advantages of Kiosk in the Healthcare Industry

  • Patient Check-In

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Patient Education

  • Reduce Queues 

hospital waiting area

Customer Pain Points

  • Fanless and Noiseless design

  • Compact

  • Customization support

  • 24hx7 stable operation

Hospital lobby

Our Solution

  • OEM capabilities

  • 24hx7 running operation

  • Energy Efficient

  • Low maintenance

  • Long Life cycle

health care

Why Tranquil IT Digital Signage Solutions?

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dust icon

Dust  Free

fanless icon


noiseless icon


IP icon

IP rated

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Enery Efficient

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