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Digital signage in Hospitality offers a versatile and dynamic way to communicate with guests, enhance branding, and provide relevant information. It can improve the guest experience, increase engagement, and streamline operations in the hospitality industry.

Key advantages of Digital Signage in the Hospitality Industry

  • Information and Concierge Services

  • Advertising and Promotions

  • Menu Boards

  • Event and Conference Information

  • Entertainment and Guest Engagement


Customer Pain Points

  • Fanless and Noiseless player

  • Compact

  • Update and manage menu boards via Lan/    Wi-fi/4G and 3G

  • Easy to mount

  • 24hx7 running support

Our Solution

  • Wide Range of players of rugged fanless and noiseless players

  • Supporting single or multi display ports

  • Wireless/4G or 3G connections

  • High performing CPU and GPU

  • Multi Screen support

  • Remote management option

  • Low maintenance and energy efficient

  • Long Life cycle


Why Tranquil IT Digital Signage Solutions?

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dust icon

Dust  Free

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IP icon

IP rated

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Enery Efficient

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