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Kiosks are placed in areas with high foot traffic, contactless service allow your customers to quickly browse the menu or other services and choose exactly what they want with a simplified ordering process, the self-service kiosks eliminate the need for unnecessary human interaction, reducing your labor costs significantly. 

Key advantages of Kiosk in the Hospitality Industry

  • Check-in/Check-out Kiosks

  • Ordering and Payment

  • Increased efficiency

  • Enhanced customer engagement

  • Reduced Staffing Costs

  • Improved Order Accuracy

  • Faster Service

  • Multilingual Support

fast-food kiosk

Self Ordering Kiosk

  • High performance computing

  • Compact

  • Energy Efficient

  • 24h/7 running support

  • Compatible with third party applications

  • Low Maintenance

  • Long life product

fast-food kiosk

Drive-Thru Menu Board

  • Player capable of withstanding high temperature

  • 24h/7 running support

  • Compact

  • Energy Efficient and highly reliable

  • Low Maintenance

  • Supporting 24h/7 working

drive through kiosk

Tranquil IT capabilities

  • Wide range of  Rugged fanless and noiseless player

  • Supports extreme and harsh environments

  • Compact

  • High performing CPU

  • Energy Efficient

  • Low Maintenance

  • 24h/7 running support

  • Highly reliable and lost life products

touch kiosk

Why Tranquil IT Digital Signage Solutions?

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dust icon

Dust  Free

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IP icon

IP rated

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Enery Efficient

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