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Our 11th & 12th Gen NUC Solutions

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Product image RD-11MV-51

11th Gen Fanless Workstation

The first in our NUC desktop style range, its vertical fins deliver fantastic cooling while ensuring a small footprint. Powered by an Intel i5-1145G7 means there is plenty of power and makes this an ideal workstation. Click here for more information

Compact Rugged 11th Gen

Here, the world's first fanless NUC case, now its quad-core i5 CPU does not leave you wanting whilst its fanless, solid-state design means high reliability. Ideal for projects of all sizes, in an array of sectors. Click here for more information

CR-11MV-51 Product image
NUC Front

Compact Rugged 12th Gen (Case Kit)

Its back! our NUC case kit, something we have not offered in over 8 years. Supporting Intel's new 12th Gen i5 NUC boards you can enjoy building your own Tranquil NUC. Click here for more information or to order

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