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self-service machine kiosk airport


Kiosks are designed to enhance convenience, streamline processes, and provide self-service options to users. They can reduce wait times, improve efficiency, and offer accessibility to information and services.

Kiosk are designed to be easily accessible and user-friendly, allowing individuals to interact or obtain information or carry out specific tasks in different industries replacing manual operations.

Our Rugged players can handle harsh environment with systems which offer wide operating temperatures, resistance to shock and vibration, and wide power input ranges.

customer using touch display

Retail kiosks are designed to provide a convenient and interactive experience, allowing customers to browse product or find their destination


food kiosk touch display

Hospitality kiosks aim to provide guests with more autonomy and flexibility while optimizing operational efficiency within the industry.


health care hospital

Kiosks are designed to streamline the registration process, enhance efficiency, and reduce wait times in healthcare facilities.


airport self service kiosk

Check in kiosk provide access to essential services, minimizing the need for manual assistance 

Abilities of Tranquil IT

processor icon

Intel or AMD options

memory icon

Max Storage:32Gb

Ports icon

Multiple options  HDMI,

Display port and VGA

Monitor Icon

Multi Monitor Support

Remote Management Icon

Remote Management

Why Tranquil IT Digital Signage Solutions?

People icon
  • Industry Focused 

  • Wide Range of products

  • Compact

  • IP rated

  • Fanless

  • Low Maintenance

Support Icon
  • OEM

  • Minimum order quantity

  • Made in Britian

Remote management icon
  • vPro Technology

  • Reduced Downtime

  • Lower operation cost

  • Time efficient

  • Real time monitoring

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