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Unveiling our latest Rugged Innovation: A Recap of our Participation at Embedded World 2024

2CRSi is a French technology group that operates globally in the IT & Computer Hardware industry. The group is a major player in high-performance and high-efficiency server technology, providing end-to-end energy-efficient computing solutions. Tranquil IT, trading under the name 2CRSi UK, is a member of the 2CRSi group and benefits from access to the newest technologies available on the market. Recently, the group participated in the Embedded World 2024 event in Nuremberg, Germany from April 9th to 11th. This event showcased cutting-edge developments in embedded systems, attracting industry experts and enthusiasts from around the world.

One of the standout moments of the show was the unveiling of the Rugged Fanless 12th Gen IP66 device, Attendees were amazed as water was sprayed on the device, demonstrating its resilience and robustness suitable for challenging environments, it stole the spotlight with its remarkable capabilities. This showcase highlighted the dedication to quality and durability.

Tranquil IT AMD Ryzen V2000 with 4x4k display - IP51

Another highlight was the Fanless Mini AMD Ryzen V2000 Embededd Quad Display, with its impressive digital signage capabilities, Connected to four screens simultaneously, it showcased the immense power and versatility of a modern embedded system. This demonstration underscored the potential for immersive and engaging visual experience across various applications.

Tranquil IT Intel Rugged 13th Gen - IP51

The Fanless NUC 13th Gen powered by Intel was among the crowd favourites, showcasing exceptional design capabilities that captivated onlookers. Its sleek and innovative design garnered widespread attention, serving as a testament to our design and manufacturing innovation in the industry.

Fanless Intel In-Vehicle PC and Fanless Rugged EPYC 3000 Server

In addition to these standout products, the event also featured cutting-edge solutions such as In-Vehicles PCs and Fanless Servers powered by AMD or Intel and having IP50, and IP66 ratings, further illustrating the breadth and depth of embedded system applications.

Embedded World 2024 was not just a showcase of products, it was evidence of the relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation driving the embedded system industry forward.

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