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Rugged Computer

Fanless Mini - Intel 10th Gen In-Vehicle Computer - IP51

Fanless Mini Rugged Computer

Key Features

Processor: i3 up to i7

Operating Range: -15C to 60C

Intelligent Ignition Control

4 POE + 1 Non POE +1 WAN

Anti Vibration Plate

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Dimensions (HxWxD)



Order Code

Lead Time:









3 Years


3-4 weeks

IP Rating details

This product has been given an IP rating of 51, this means it will not be affected by dust and has limited protection against vertically falling drops of water or condensation, this make it ideal for "dirty" and hard to control environments


Given its IP51 rating maintenance requirements are practically zero, no dust will actively be drawn to the system, and any settling dust will not easily be able to penetrate the enclosure


The In-Vehicle Rugged Mini PC is designed specifically for in-vehicle use featuring a robust design to withstand harsh environments and vibrations encountered in an automotive, powered by Intel. One of the essential features of the iVRC is an intelligent ignition control system. The ignition control system allows the computer to turn on or off automatically with the vehicle's ignition status, ensuring efficient power management and reducing the risk of draining the vehicle's battery. The iVRC is equipped with multiple I/O ports . Additionally, it is ruggedized and fanless to enhance reliability and minimize maintenance requirements. These rugged in-vehicle computers are commonly used in a variety of applications, such as fleet management, transportation systems, public safety vehicles and other industries that require reliable computing capabilities in demanding conditions.

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