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AMD Ryzen V2000 Tranquil

Fanless Mini - AMD Ryzen V2000 Embedded Quad Display - IP51

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Made in Britain

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Tranquil IT harsh Terrain

 All Terrain IT 

Rugged IT - even in the most extreme conditions, whether outside in the sun, wind, and rain, or inside an industrial factory, our solutions are designed, manufactured, and tested to perform and last anywhere

Tranquil IT Maritime IT

 Maritime IT 

We understand that maritime equipment can be subject to vibration, humid, even salty air, and a range of other environmental factors computers may not respond well to.


Our systems take this into account and through design combat these challenges to ensure long life with minimal to no maintenance.

Tranquil IT Digital Signage

 Digital Signage IT 

When uptime is important the reliability of our players delivers, no matter the location.


Ranging from 1 to 4 video outputs in high resolutions some with remote monitoring capabilities mean the demands of digital signage applications are met.

Little to no maintenance is required to remove the need for regular onsite services without risking on-field failures.

Tranquil IT custom build Rugged PC

 Custom IT 

We understand that there may not always be an "off the shelf" solution to meet your needs.

Over the past 2 decades, we have specialized in IT design and in-house manufacturing. These skills enable us to consult, design, and deliver custom IT solutions. Our chassis manufacturing is in-house and we have an array of standard components on stock, both of these result in quick turnaround times on projects. Our manufacturing methods mean MOQs are not high and large tooling fees are abolished. 

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